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AeroTime Team
Qatar CEO advises Airbus & Boeing to defer aircraft deliveries

As Qatar Airways is negotiating deferrals of aircraft orders with Airbus and Boeing, the airline’s CEO Akbar Al Baker had a word of “advice” for the plane manufacturers: they should start accepting postponement of aircraft deliveries until 2022 or risk losing clients permanently.  ...

Rytis Beresnevicius
Last bark: Delta retires MD-88s and MD-90s “Mad Dogs”

June 2, 2020, will mark the date that the last Mad Dogs barked in Delta Air Lines' fleet, as the airline is set to retire both the MD-88 and the MD-90. The DC-9 derivatives served in the airline's fleet for more than 25 years. But Delta's story with McDonnell Douglas' aircraft is not over yet....

Clement Charpentreau
Two final bidders picked for Virgin Australia takeover

Virgin Australia administrators announced that two potential buyers remain to compete for the airline takeover, after its collapse in April 2020 amidst the global aviation crisis due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic....