In the beginning of 2017, Aeroflot flight attendant Evgenia Magurina, 42, filed a discrimination lawsuit against the carrier. According to Magurina, Aeroflot hired women who were a US size 14 or less. Women that gained weight would be paid less and barred from flying internationally, according to the initial complaint. Magurina was joined by fellow flight attendant Irina Ierusalimskaja, the two women calling ironically calling themselves “The Fat, the Old and the Ugly”.

Evgenia Magurina and Alena Popova. Picture from Alena Popova's Facebook page

 The airline initially denied the woman’s claim.

“Aeroflot does not place geographical restrictions on where individual members of cabin crew may fly,” the airline’s deputy chief executive for legal matters Vladimir Alexandrov told journalists back in April.

During the same press-conference, Aeroflot officials admitted that there are special rules for women‘s appearance:

“Aeroflot is a premium airline and part of the reason people pay for tickets is the appearance of its employees,” said a member of the airline’s public council Pavel Danilin. 

Court in Moscow held on September 6, ruled to pay Magurina 17 thousand rubles ($296) as salary debt, as well as pay her compensation for moral damage in the amount of 5 thousand rubles ($87).

Also, it obligates Aeroflot to cancel internal rules, according to which the size of the stewardesses’ clothes affects their salary.

Nevertheless, the court refused to admit the fact of discrimination, stewardess‘s lawyer Mary Davtyan added.

Aeroflot did not have a comment on the lawsuit.

In April, Magurina had her first lawsuit (which was declined) against the Russian airline. She demanded 500 thousand rubles ($8,700) from the airline for moral damages by discriminatory requirements to flight attendants.