October 15 may not be completely the last day of VIM-Avia operating, unlike the previous statements. According to Maxim Sokolov, Russian Minister of Transport, the airline will conduct several flights after October 15, however the general flight activity would be finished. It is explained by difficulties with passenger transportation from the most crowded destinations and shortage of other airlines’ capacities.

An air operator certificate is also not going to be taken away yet. Airline has the responsibilities to provide several flights, including some on World Festival of Youth and Students. Certificate deprivation could cause inability of VIM-Avia to perform these flights, Maxim Sokolov said. All further comments regarding certificate are postponed till the airline finishes air transportation.

The decision regarding its deprivation is difficult because of several reasons. Firstly, it could be made by various institutions, including Federal Air Transport Agency, Airline Administration and Court (in case of bankruptcy) and the third implies long period of litigations. Secondly, If deprivation stated, this can not be undone or certificate reestablished, while the suspended certificate intends to possibility of airline recovery. However, as Sokolov noted, it is not a frequent case even throughout world aviation history.

If consider reestablishment of VIM-Avia air operator certificate, the airline needs sponsorship from investors, lenders or government. However, it appeared that while 76% of Russian citizens know about VIM-Avia crisis, every second of them votes against state support of the airline, as “Obshestvennoe mnenie” survey agency informs.

Maxim Sokolov notes, that Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia is inquires airline potential to resolve an impasse.