Russian manufacturer Russian Helicopters will deliver first two Mi-171A2 aircraft to the country's UTair airline in 2018, the company’s Deputy CEO of Marketing and Business Development Alexander Shcherbinin said during the Helicopter Forum in Moscow.  As for now, Russian Helicopters is working jointly with UTair on the preparation of the delivery.    

UTair, a Russian airline which operates scheduled helicopter flights as well as extensive charter flights with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, agreed with Russian Helicopters on the delivery of two Mi-171A2s in July 2017. The airline will become the first in the country operating this type of aircraft.

In November 2017, Russian Helicopters announced its plans to start the exports of the Mi-171A2 aircraft. Thus, at the Dubai Airshow 2017, the manufacturer signed an agreement with the Indian company Vectra Group for the delivery of civil Mi-171A2 helicopter, which is scheduled for 2018, RIA News informed.  Under the agreement, Vectra Group has an opportunity to purchase one more aircraft of this type. 

“A number of potential customers from all over the world are following the development of this project, and I am confident that the certification and successful operation of the Mi-171A2 helicopter in India will make it possible to sign new contracts, ” RIA News quoted Andrei Bakinskiy, the general director of Russian Helicopters.

Earlier, Russian Helicopters signed a deal with the State Transport Leasing Company to deliver MI-171A2 aircraft for medical purposes and agreed with Russian company Gazprom to work together on the creation of a marine version of the helicopter, RIA News informs. The manufacturer is planning to present a modified version of the Mi-171A2 helicopter at the end of 2017.

The Mi-171A2 helicopter is the upgraded version of the Mi-17 aircraft – a medium twin-turbine transport helicopter. It is powered by turboshaft engines VK-2500PS-03, digital navigation system with data display indication which allows operating the aircraft without an engineer onboard, and a new rotor system. It may fly at low and high temperatures, high humidity and above the water surface.