Several Russian local media sources have reported on July 12, 2018, that new electronic anti-satellite warfare plane is currently under development. Aircraft (working title “Porubshchik 2”) is going to be equipped with new jamming systems and enhanced on-board instrumentation and will ultimately replace Il-22PP Porubshchik model that Russian Aerospace Forces are using now.

Current Porubshchik electronic warfare system provides ways to militate aircraft with long-range radar detection and different air defense systems. The main feature of the system is frequency selectivity, needed to preserve combat readiness of domestic radio-electronic systems.

According to preliminary data, the new electronic aircraft capabilities will let it force out of action electronic devices installed on military satellites. “Porubshchik 2” warfare aircraft is expected to fulfill electronic suppression of any targets (whether it is land, air, sea or space) and even disable satellites that provide ground navigation and radio communication, as militancy expert Viktor Murakhovsky told RIA News.

The aircraft could be built on  the platform of either Il-276, or Tu-214. Murakhovsky, however, reckons in his interview to TACC that at the moment Russia does not possess an air frame sufficient for the project. “Tu-214 is a bit wrong platform,” he says. “It is important understand that Tu-204 and Tu-214 are civil airplanes, and we need a medium-sized platform of Il-276. Unfortunately, it doesn’t yet exist. That is a problem for us. That’s why we are forced to use Tu platform. Of course, we can use Tu-214 of Tu-204, but this is palliative”.

The design and conceptualization of the aircraft have already been developed, while the main work and test activities will start in the near future, Russian defence industry commented to the local news Sputnik. The aircraft is expected to perform it first flight by 2023, according to the information provided by Russian Federal News Agency.