Russia’s Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCAC) was sued by one of its biggest clients – State Transport Leasing Company (STLC). In total, two claims against Sukhoi were received by the Moscow City Arbitration Court – one for $5.3 million in October, the other worth $2.4 million, in November, according to Arbitration Court official site.  

STLC, which is a major provider of aircraft leasing services to companies working in Russian Federation, initiated legal proceedings due to aircraft delivery deadline violations. According to local media Vedomosti, Sukhoi fell behind to deliver around 30 SSJ-100 aircraft. Even though majority of aircraft were delivered on time, they had defects which required up to 4 months of repair work to eliminate them.

„Claims brought by GTLK to SCAC consider already delivered SSJ100 aircraft“, commented SCAC representatives. „SCAC is quite surprised at the way project partner resolves issues lying within the administrative and economic framework, all the more so as the problems addressed by GTLK are mutual and being at the stage of reconciling claims both through peaceful, out-of-court settlement and within judicial proceedings“, they finished.

Also, on November 22, 2018, Vedomosti reported that engine problems of Sukhoi SSJ-100 aircraft were revealed by four operators simultaneously. The SaM146 engine, manufactured by Powerjet, a Franco-Russian joint venture, and specially designed for this aircraft project, is said to show defects already after 2,000-4,000 flight hours, despite manufacturers’ claims that the engine is designed to work for 7,500-8,000 hours. The engine repair takes two months and there‘s always a lack of replacement engines, sources told Vedomosti. The biggest client of Sukhoi, Aeroflot, numerously contended only half of its SSJ-100 fleet is in service due to the same issues.

Earlier this month, Brussels Airlines renounced the use of SSJ-100 aircraft.