On December 7, 2018, when Aeroflot’s Boeing 737-800, carrying 119 passengers and six crew members, was on its way from Moscow (SVO) to Irkutsk (IKT), anonymous person called the police to report a bomb on board.

The crew opted not to warn the passengers about the threat to avoid panic, Irkutsk media portal KP reports. Emergency services met the aircraft at the Irkutsk airport, where a terrorism threat was declared, according to Vesti.

"Information about the bomb threat was obtained by the police when the aircraft was not far from Irkutsk. It was decided to land in that city and start checking the aircraft for hidden explosive devices. After landing, the passengers were quickly evacuated. The bomb was not found," − the authority representative told TASS.

The press service of Eastern Siberian Linear Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Transport police confirmed an “ongoing investigation” to RBK news media.

Later that day IrCity reported that Irkutsk police managed to identify the caller as a 35 year old man from Sochi, Russia. The intentions of the man are still being investigated, however Vesti’s version suggests he called the police to annoy his wife after a quarrel.

The criminal case was open. The caller might be facing up to three years of imprisonment, as per article “Knowingly false report on an act of terrorism”.