Michael Jonga
Michael Jonga
With an aviation background firmed by an aviation engineering degree I am constantly working on media, editorial and campaign projects. “I believe that anyone on their journey in aviation will come to realize that you can't fall in love with just one part of the sky. You either embrace it all or not at all. When you deal with 'dusk' prepare to face 'dawn'. When you go through pockets of fog, rain, crosswinds, storms, and turbulence, just beyond them is a sea of clear skies. The crucial aspect is how you handle these cycles because you can't have one without the other. Such is the Aviation Industry. You either embrace it all or not at all and with the way the industry is structured, it's impossible to have just one piece of it and stay away from the rest. We are living through an exciting time in aviation, and I believe that the next two decades will reshape the industry!“
Malawian Airlines Dash 8-400
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