An ATR-42 plane belonging to Pakistan International Airlines with 47 people has crashed near Abottabad, a city in northeastern Pakistan, according to local police officials. The country’s national civil aviation authorities have confimed that the plane lost contact at about 4:30 PM local time (11:30 AM GMT).

UPDATE (13:20 GMT): Pictures of the crash sites have emerged on social media.

The scene of the PIA #PK661 plane crash site. #Havelian

UPDATE (13:00 GMT): No news of survivors. Authorities report the bodies being "burned beyond recognition".

“PIA's ATR-42 aircraft operating as PK-661, carrying around 40 persons lost its contact with the control tower on its way from Chitral to Islamabad a short while ago,” PIA spokesperson Daniyal Gilani shared via his Tweeter account.