Ukrainian An-225 Mriya, the largest transport aircraft in the world, became the most spotted plane on live flight tracker Flightradar24 in 2016. Its flight to Australian city of Perth became the most popular flight among the users of the service, Tehnot reported.

It was not detailed how many users were spotting An-225 Mriya  via Flightradar24 but it was noted that hundreds of thousands were following the mentioned flight to Perth. Earlier in November, An-225 Mriya transported 182 tons of cargo.

An-225 Mriya returned to the skies on the 8th of September after spending 7 years on the ground.

The second most popular direct flight in 2016 was the flight of Pope Francis from Krakow to Rome. There were 530 thousands online spotters, 135 thousands more were watching the landing online.