American Airlines expressed interest in investing around $100 million in an aircraft maintenance center in Sao Paolo, according to Reuters. On the 9th of March one of Brazil’s ministers confirmed the announcement. This development is considered to bring positive prospects to Brazil’s economy, struck by recession and political havoc.

Wellington Moreira Franco, Brazil’s Investment Partnerships Minister said that American’s executives do not share the pessimistic image of Brazil painted by the media and believe in the growth of Brazil's market.”

After a radical change in Brazil’s politics – the impeachment of the left-wing president Dilma Rousseff in August 2016 – the economic environment seems appealing to international investors. In the past year, Brazilian companies participated in numerous expositions presenting their products and services as well as representing the country. As a result, this has drawn the attention of international investors.

M. Franco also told that services to airlines other than American Airlines could be proposed at the new maintenance center.