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Rytis Beresnevicius
Could coronavirus result in resurgence of flag carriers?

Coronavirus touched airlines no matter whether they were small or big. And the countries that these airlines reside in rely on them to provide vital connectivity to the outside world. While the industry has been going towards consolidation and doing more with less, could the COVID-19 crisis change the course of aviation?...

AeroTime Team
Etihad Airways to resume passenger flights, awaits permission

Etihad Airways, which was forced to halt passenger flights amid the coronavirus crisis, is now preparing to gradually reinstate scheduled service starting from April 5, 2020. However, only one direction is currently planned ‒ and awaiting permission ‒ with several others to follow later on....

AeroTime Team
What aviators do while the world is on lockdown?

Aviation industry might be on a global lockdown, but aviation professionals are fighting for its survival by keeping a finger on the pulse. Without forgetting to duly follow the recommendation to stay home. ...