Israeli company Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), together with Indian partners, is preparing to participate in the tender of the Ministry of Defense of India for unmanned aerial vehicles, Jane's Defense Weekly reports.

IAI has signed cooperation agreements with India's Dynamatic Technologies and Elcom Systems regarding the production, assembly and maintenance of IAI's unmanned aerial systems in India, Jane's writes.

It is noted that IAI plans to offer Heron drones capable of long-duration flight to India.

India is one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world along with the US, the UK, Indonesia and its main rival – China. According to the 2016 IATA forecast, by 2025, India will replace the UK and become the third biggest aviation market in the world, while the “Make in India” program forecasts even more ambitious goals of becoming the third-biggest by 2020 and the biggest by 2030. But can they actually make it?

IAI Executive Vice President Shaul Shahar said that India is one of Israel's key strategic partners, acquiring Israeli unmanned systems for 25 years. He explained that the decision to transfer unmanned technologies stems from the great importance his company puts on Indian customers.

It is reported that agreements including the transfer of Israeli technology to India were reached several months ago, but their formal signing took place during the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Israel. Israel believes that the concluded agreements will improve the positions of Israeli developers of unmanned aerial systems in the competition for orders of the Ministry of Defense of India, taking into account the country's Make in India program.