Technodinamika will provide after-sales service for the newest Russian passenger aircraft MC-21 developed by Irkut Corporation, the company's CEO Igor Nasenkov said on Monday.

"For ten years under the terms of the contract, our fully-owned subsidiary will carry out after-sales service of the MC-21 aircraft," Nasenkov told journalists in Moscow.

He did not report on the price and quantity parameters of the contract.

With a capacity of 163 to 211 passengers, the MC-21 aircraft developed by Irkut is oriented to the main segment of the air transportation market. The aircraft will be produced in two versions: MC-21-300 (163-211 seats) and МС-21-200 (132-165 seats); the maximum range of the first is 6 thousand km, the second - 6.4 thousand km. The cost of one unit is estimated at an average of $80 million.