The multipurpose UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter from North Carolina (USA) collided with an amateur drone during a patrol flight over New York City. According to Defensetech, the incident occurred on September 21 this year. This is the first official known collision case of a drone with a manned aircraft.

Currently, in New York, there is a ban on flying amateur drones over most of the city territory. An exception is made only for parks where flights can be carried out by drones, the operator of which has registered with the US Federal Aviation Administration. The report does not specify the exact place of collision.

The Black Hawk involved in the incident was patrolling over New York to ensure the security of the UN General Assembly meeting that took place between September 12 and 28. After the collision, the helicopter managed to reach Linden Airport in New Jersey and make an emergency landing. The report does not specify the model of the drone.

The helicopter suffered damage to the fuselage and two rotor blades. A fragment of the drone was later discovered in the oil cooling unit.

The drone operator has already been interrogated. The US Army, which operates the Black Hawk, said they will review the rules of patrolling over populated areas.

In 2016, more than two hundred cases of dangerous proximity of drones and passenger aircraft were recorded in the United States.