Russian State Corporation Rostec, its subsidiary holding Russian Helicopters and the Mexican company Craft Avia Center have negotiated the project for the sale and servicing of Ansat helicopters on the Mexican market. Craft Avia Center has applied to the country's aviation authorities for validation of Ansat’s Russian flight certification. The Mexican company has also begun the construction of a service center and a showroom for the sale of the helicopters.

The meeting was held ahead of the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov's working visit to Mexico. The negotiations on the distribution of Ansats in Mexico were held by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of State Corporation Rostec Dmitry Lelikov, the CEO of Russian Helicopters Holding Company Andrey Boginsky and the CEO of Craft Avia Center José de Vicente. They discussed the issues of the potential demand for Russian civilian helicopters on the Mexican market, as well as the process of obtaining the Mexican certificate for the Ansat helicopter.

"The Craft Avia Center company invited us to be the distributor of Ansat helicopters on the Mexican market. We have already prepared and directed a commercial offering to supply a machine which will be used as a demonstration for potential customers. Now our offer is being considered by the other party, and we hope to soon be able to sign the contract," said the CEO of the Russian Helicopters Holding Company Andrey Boginsky.

“At the present time, Craft Avia Center has already begun the construction of a site that will house a 4,000-square-kilometer maintenance and repair center for Ansat helicopters, as well as a showroom for demonstrations of the helicopters and the sale of services for responsible storage. It is also intended that this center will be certified,” – said the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of State Corporation Rostec Dmitry Lelikov.

The Russian fleet of helicopters in Mexico currently includes about 50 machines of the Mi-8/17 aircraft family, as well as two Mi-26 helicopters.