More shocking facts about the Boeing 737 MAX crashes

Recent reports have added more confusion, anger and disbelief about the two deadly Boeing 737 MAX accidents over the past 6 months.

The Federal Aviation Authority and Boeing has come under a lot of scrutiny for their training and certification procedures. Pilots from various unions around the United States have stated that nor Boeing nor the FAA have informed them properly about the dangers of MCAS.

Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System has been blamed for the Lion Air Flight JT610 fatal crash in October of 2018.

After the Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 accident, Ethiopian authorities have found the black box of the Boeing 737 MAX. They delivered it to French aviation accident investigators. Subsequently, the Ethiopian Minister of Transport has said that initial data readings have indicated similarities between the two crashes.

So far, airlines and aviation authorities have grounded the Boeing 737 MAX 8s until further notice. People are questioning whether the jet will fly again.

Boeing 737 MAX Pilots trained on iPads

No, the subheading is not a joke. According to some reports that have emerged over the past few days, Boeing trained pilots on iPads to fly the new MAX.

Aviation authorities were already criticizing Boeing and FAA for their negligence regarding the release and certification of the Boeing 737 MAX variant. But these reports have taken cherry on top of the cake.

Boeing marketed the new MAX to airlines that it will save them a lot of money on maintenance and fuel. In addition, the new aircraft variant will also reduce costs on training pilots who already were licensed to fly the Boeing 737 NG variant.

Boeing made a point that the controls of the MAX are almost identical to the NG, thus pilots required minimal training to fly the MAX.

So, a few pilots have come out and talked about the so-called cost-cutting training program for the Boeing 737 MAX. Evidently, the training session was a one-hour theoretical lecture with an iPad on how to fly the MAX. Pilots did not step into the simulator to try their hand at the controls.

Boeing 737 Simulator Boeing 737 Simulator

And what’s even grimmer is the fact that the theoretical lecture did not include any information about the MCAS. Flight manuals also lacked any information about the system, which investigators are claiming to be responsible for the deadly accidents.

And recent data recovered from the cockpit voice recorders from the Lion Air crash has revealed that pilots were panicking and searching for a way to fix the aircraft’s nose of pitching down because of the faulty Angle Of Attack sensors.

United States Transportation Department Investigating the FAA and Boeing

After airlines and aviation authorities around the world grounded the MAX 8 due to safety concerns, the United States was one of the last countries to do so.

But the certification process of the Boeing 737 MAX is raising even more questions.

Boeing was in a rush. As we mentioned in the article about whether Boeing is canceling the MAX, Airbus made headlines in the U.S. when American Airlines agreed to order the newest Airbus A320neo to refresh its narrow-body fleet. Previous to this, Boeing wanted to design a new jet to replace the 737. But the news shocked Boeing and the company had to take swift action, else it would lose a lot of money to Airbus.

Airbus A320neo pressured Boeing into the 737 MAX Airbus A320neo pressured Boeing into the 737 MAX