Emirates Secret “Appearance Management Program” Designed to Identify “Overweight” Flight Attendants

One of the Emirates cabin crew members has decided to speak up and reveal the truth about the secret “Appearance Management Programme”. She claims it is primarily designed to address black flight attendants in order to cover their dismissal for “overweight problems.”

According to the Emirate’s staff member, the program was used to control whether all the stewardesses meet appearance requirements. In other words, the airline inspects whether flight attendants do not exceed their established limit. In case it does, staff members are threatened with dismissals or suspensions, consequently pushing them to go on drastic diets.

The tracking of the programs was left for the Uniform Standards Officers. Their job is to evaluate every flight attendant going to work. Uniform Standards Officers are ensuring that not only cabin crew’s makeup and clothing is meeting the requirements, but also they look after the body shape. Cabin Crew members who do not meet the requirements might be given 30 days in order to lose the weight and suspended from flying during that period.

  Emirates Secret “Appearance Management Program” Designed to Identify “Overweight” Flight Attendants Emirates Cabin Crew Preparation Before The Flight  

What raises even more concerns is that this program was paying exceptional attention to the African born flight attendants. They were even asked by Emirates officers why they cannot maintain the same weight as their colleagues from the South East Asian Countries.

Despite such a strict regulation, the airline is rarely capable of providing needed help for the flight attendant with “overweight” issues. In order to meet the doctor or a nutritionist, they might need to wait for weeks.

Sadly, such treatment affecting newcomers heavily as well. In order to get the first interview, they are judged by their pictures which have to be obligatory provided together with a CV at the very beginning. Furthermore, during the probation period they are being monitored very attentively and their weight in particular.

However, Emirates is not the only airline being accused of immoral treatment regarding the appearance. Air India and Malaysia Air are also reportedly applying some extreme measures for the cabin crew members. Almost 10 years ago Air India fired nine flight attendants as the argument saying their weight might “impair agility”. In 2015 they threatened to dismiss 125 cabin crew members, and in 2017 half of this number was fired.

  Malaysia Air took very similar actions, they have threated dismissing their flight attendants due to the „overweight“, but their union‘s representative said it was all about the age of crew members, they were over 50 years old.Source