Top 5 Reasons Why A Flight Attendant Job Is Hard

Some say that a Flight Attendant is just a glorified waitress.

Others look at the crew and think that it is like a regular job that does not stress you out or wears you out. And why would there be stress or fatigue? You get to travel all around the world, sit in the airplane, sell some drinks and then say a warm goodbye for the passengers leaving the aircraft. You ask yourself, what is so difficult about it?

Well, we think otherwise. We think that working as a flight attendant is hard. It’s almost comparable to working as a pilot and their job is not very easy!

But if you ask us why working as a flight attendant is hard, here are the top 5 reasons why:

5. Low wages

Now, this might be a bit controversial, but compared to pilots, Flight attendants do not earn much.

Sure, the salary is definitely liveable on and they do earn much more than a usual person.

But at the same time, flight attendants have so much responsibility on their heads that their salary does not properly reward them. We‘ll talk about their responsibilities much later, but being a flight attendant is certainly not an easy task to do. To illustrate, imagine a stress-to-reward ratio, and that ratio is swinging a lot to the side of stress.

However, while the wages might not properly reward them for the work, a career as a flight attendant means that you get to travel all around the world and see certain cities at least for a brief moment. So there are other, non-monetary benefits to the job.

From the airline business point-of-view, raising the wages of their cabin crew might put them at risk of bankruptcy, which is even worse as everyone, including Flight attendants, would lose their jobs.

4. Instability

The aviation industry is a wild ride of ups and downs. The most recent example of that is WOW Air – an airline that declared that they are ceasing all operations. The announced surprised everyone in the industry, probably including the people that worked there. But to illustrate, just in 2016 the airline reaped in massive profits and it was flourishing. WOW Air was expanding it‘s route network and buying, leasing new aircraft.

However, just one year later, the airline was in deep trouble. The first signs of bankruptcy showed up and they needed money fast, which they did not receive. The story repeats itself throughout the history of aviation, so this is nothing new.

But it showcases that one trigger might set off a chain of events that can fade an airline into history. Which in turn means that people‘s jobs are also going down in history.

Cabin Crew Traveling Cabin Crew Traveling

Another aspect of a flight attendant career is that the job itself is unstable. You obviously travel a lot, so a family, further education in a university or settling down somewhere is nearly impossible as you never know where will you end up at the end of the day.

Of course, you know your schedule ahead of time, but that time frame is not enough and you sometimes might miss important dates in your lives – friends‘ birthdays, family holidays or any other occasion.

3. Training

The flight training process for Flight attendants can be quite rough.

Firstly, it is strict and long, as flight attendants have to know their aircraft thoroughly. Same as pilots, who get a type rating to be able to fly an aircraft, so does the cabin crew have to get their type rating on which aircraft they can work on.