Lion Air Boeing 737-8 MAX Crash Update

Last month a brand new Lion Air Boeing 737-8 MAX crashed into the Java sea and has raised a lot of questions and theories. Why would an aircraft, which was delivered 2 months ago, just crash into the sea? For more information about the accident, read here: Lion Air Plane Crashes Just After Take-off: 189 Feared Dead A new report emerged that one of the pilots was fighting till the end to keep the aircraft in the air. Even though it was in a full motion dive to the ground. That was revealed when Nurcahyo Utomo, the aviation head of the national transportation safety committee, addressed the Indonesian parliament. He said that data obtained from the flight recorders show that the pilot “continued to fight until the end of the flight”. Debris from the Lion Air Flight 610 crash Debris from the Lion Air Flight 610 crash

Harrowing silence

Utomo also confirmed that the aircraft had encountered the same difficulties on a previous flight. That time, the Lion Air pilot managed to control the Boeing 737. Almost a month has passed after the crash. There is still no new information on why the plane plummeted into the sea. A detailed account of the aircraft's last moments has revealed that the Boeing 737 experienced technical difficulties immediately after take-off. The flight captain and first officer saw different airspeed readings. The plane began going up and down and descended to 5,000 ft. Then the Boeing 737 nose-dived into the sea and crashed with a speed of more than 640 kilometers per hour. The pilots tried to regain altitude but the load on the steering wheel became too heavy. The flight recorder showed that the aircraft had no engine issues. Investigators hope that finding the cockpit voice recorder will help in providing the answers to the victim's families. Source