Top 10 Gyms And Spa In International Airports

Who doesn’t love a relaxing getaway weekend at a Spa? Or a gym session to let your emotions run wild while lifting some weights? Let’s be real – we all love either both or one of the two! However, sometimes our schedules are chaotic and we have to travel a lot to attend important matters of life.

But what if you still want to work out while flying or squeeze in a massage at a spa? Today‘s your lucky day – we present the Top 10 airport gym and spa spots when you’re traveling around the world!

10. WestinWORKOUT Fitness Studio – Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Have you ever dreamt of looking at departing and arriving aircraft while working out or relaxing in a pool? The WestinWOURKOUT Fitness Studio offers the chance to exactly do so! So, if you‘re someone who cannot get enough of looking at aircraft, set up your connection or land at Detroit Metropolitan Airport! The airport gym offers a full weight room, an indoor pool and a magnificent view!

Detroit Airport Gym Detroit Airport Gym

9. Eforea Spa – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

One of Europe’s busiest airports, Amsterdam Schiphol also has Spa and fitness facilities. Eforea Spa offers every traveler a relaxing retreat from all of the stress associated with traveling. So if you’re grabbing a connection or departing from Amsterdam to hop over the Atlantic or travel to Asia, stop at Eforea Spa. Grab a relaxing massage and relax just before your exhausting journey begins!

8. Airport Fitness and Wellness – Zurich Airport

This airport gym is located in a very convenient location for every passenger. 2.000 square meters of fitness and Spa space, there is a high chance of you loosening up before your flight. Airport Fitness is open throughout the year and offers you multiple choices to relax. From regular weight lifting, group fitness to a solarium and above all a spa, you just cannot skip this place.

Airport Fitness Zurich Airport Fitness Zurich

7. Hilton fit & fly SPA – Munich Airport

To sum up the experience in this airport gym and spa in three words, it’s simply amazing. The top-notch service combined with a wonderful pool and yet even better massage center makes us want to go back to Munich every chance that we get. Even if you’re here for a short stopover, do not miss out! The fitness center here is indeed amazing.

6. Fairmont Hotel Health – Vancouver International Airport

Working out while traveling can be quite a pain in the bottom. You have to unpack, then pack up again, grab a shower – quite a hassle! However, if you‘re traveling through Vancouver International check out Fairmont Hotel Health club. Not only do they offer every exercise that you might need, but also offer a Fit on the Fly service! Fit on the Fly offers you a chance to not unpack and together with a pass to the gym, rent workout gear for just $20!

Fairmont Vancouver Health Club Fairmont Vancouver Health Club

5. GoodLife Fitness – Pearson International Airport, Toronto

GoodLife is a popular Canadian fitness company that has gyms all around Canada and the United States. Toronto’s Pearson Airport is no exception – the gym is here is located in Terminal 1. This airport gym was the 300th GoodLife club! With a full weight and exercise room, you also can participate in fitness classes. Best part? You can rent gym gear here as well – no need to unpack.