Ryanair To Establish Malta Air – A New Airline In Malta

On Sunday, Times of Malta has announced that Ryanair is establishing one more subsidiary airline. This time it’s located in Malta and will be named Malta Air. The new company will follow the same business model as its parent and will offer low-cost flights to and from the island.

While the contract is still not signed, the possibility of it happening is very likely, because the Maltese government aims to reposition Malta from a tourist hot-spot to a transitional destination, comparable to Iceland.

Uptade: Ryanair has officially announced on the 11th of May, that together with the government of Malta, the airline has established a new subsidiary airline called Malta Air.

Of course, the two islands will compete in two very different markets, as Iceland has a long history of dominating the transitional movement of passengers from North America to Europe and vice-versa.

Ryanair’s expanding horizons

The Irish low-cost carrier recently has been on a mission to expand its business ventures by establishing several subsidiary airlines all over Europe and Malta is the latest destination.

Firstly, there was the Ryanair UK subsidiary, which applied for an Air Operator Certificate in the United Kingdom in late 2017. As the uncertainty of Brexit was at an all-time high and various airlines, including easyJet and Wizz Air, the biggest competitors of Ryanair, established subsidiaries in the United Kingdom in order to continue operations smoothly even in the case of a no-deal Brexit. (because easyJet is registered in the United Kingdom, the company established easyJet Austria to operate in Europe)

However, as of June 2019, Ryanair UK currently owns only one aircraft under its registry – a Boeing 737, registered G-RUKA.

Then Ryanair in April of 2018 ventured into new waters (or rather skies) and opened up Ryanair Sun – a charter airline in Poland, with a Polish AOC. While at first, the airline operated charter flights only, Ryanair Sun started to operate scheduled flights. Then, in March of 2019, Ryanair announced that Ryanair Sun is rebranded into Buzz and will start offering more scheduled flights (charter operations will stay). The rebranding process will be completed this autumn. In addition, the airline will receive 8 more Boeing 737’s.

Ryanair Buzz

Lastly, there was the Austrian venture, when Ryanair slowly purchased Lauda or as it was previously known, Laudamotion. The purchase was completed in late 2018 and Ryanair incorporated the Austrian airline into their operations. Nevertheless, Lauda still operates under a separate AOC certificate.

Maltese adventure

And now, Ryanair seems to be getting into a new adventure in the little European island of Malta. The Maltese government is also very keen on the deal to go through. The government wants to reposition the island to a transitional destination, as we mentioned above.

The Times of Malta has reported that the new airline called Malta Air will replace Ryanair‘s branding on routes to and from Malta – there are a total of 68 destinations as of 2019. Reportedly, the prices will be in line with Ryanair‘s low-cost options.

Ryanair will also transfer 10 Boeing 737s to Malta Air. Subsequently, the brand-new airline will employ around 350 people, from pilots, cabin crew members to engineers and other maintenance personnel.

However, the deal has raised some questions. Especially when the Malta government is involved. For Ryanair, this deal would be a brilliant opportunity – more destinations, a new base and possible tax breaks for committing in Malta.