Watch This Heartwarming Video As This Girl’s Dreams Come True!

Aviation has truly changed the world that we live in. From the very beginning, it helped us travel to new destinations. Be in situations nobody could imagine us being in. It helped us to explore new horizons. Aviation has helped us to touch the sky and elevate ourselves not only physically but also mentally.

A perfect example of that is this video by British Airways. A-13-year old girl, called Majorie always dreamed of being a part of the British Airways Cabin Crew. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had to go through chemotherapy. It was a very difficult experience for everyone involved. While in Hospital, Majorie told her Mom that she wanted to become an Air Hostess. She wanted to experience the daily routine of someone who is working at well above 30,000 feet.


But even in the darkest hours of our life, a bright light comes through. British Airways had become aware of Majorie’s situation and was touched by her story. So they decided to help Majorie fulfill her dream of becoming a part of the Cabin Crew.

While she was learning at an educational central about what it takes to become an Air Hostess or a Pilot, a real Cabin Crew member walked in. She asked Majorie if she would help her for the day and fly with her from London to Glasgow, while also working as a real member of the Cabin Crew.

After a quick training about the safety instructions on board, they boarded the plane. Majorie, in front of 160 people demonstrated all of the safety routines. With a beautiful smile on her face, she served drinks for every passenger on board.

Well, to be honest you have to see that smile for yourself in the video below:

This heartwarming example is truly inspirational to never stop believing. No matter what, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. So keep dreaming and it will become come true!