Why Is The Cabin Crew So Important To An Airline?

With so many airlines in the skies today, they are trying to find ways to become the most unique, recognizable, and likeable brands in the world. With every airline, there comes a different strategy. The company logo, various sponsorships of sporting events and teams, becoming socially responsible are some of the things that make a brand image that’s beloved by customers.

But for an airline, one of the most important things is their customer service. Because you only make money if people choose to fly with you. Their experience is what matters to you the most. From the first smile when they come up to the check-in desk to the warm goodbye when they leave your plane can make or break the customers’ flight experience. But another thing that really matters and can stand out like nothing else – is your Cabin Crew.

Red hat, white silk scarf and red lips

When you read the heading above, we all know there is only one airline that we see in front of our eyes. And that is Emirates.

One of their most recognizable assets is their Cabin Crew. Emirates have realized that if you want to give the best service for a customer, everything starts with how you present yourself as an airline. You can have the best marketing department, hire the best marketing agency and still yield no positive results.

Why? Your crew. They work directly with your customers. They are the ones who help your customers at the airport. Their service is what is going to assure your success. And if it is not up to par, you’re going to have a bad time. So you must ensure that your Cabin Crew not only receive proper training but also manages to sport a uniform that can become iconic and a symbol of your airline for years to come.

They can also participate in fun little ads, such as these!


Hence why today airlines pay very close attention to the recruitment and training process of a Cabin Crew member. Not only they provide the best service possible while 36.000 feet in the sky and look stunning in their uniforms (male and female both!). Cabin Crews also help us in the time of danger and do everything they can to ensure our safety.

These are the reasons why Cabin Crew members are extremely important to an airline and its image.