Over 1900 Flights Canceled Over A Snowstorm In The US

On one of the busiest travel weekends in the US over 1900 flights were canceled. A blizzard in the states of Kansas, Missouri and Illinois has caused not only a lot of snow but a storm of flight delays as well.  Wisconsin, Nebraska and Iowa had also felt the impact of the snowstorm. Over 50 million Americans were traveling this weekend because of Thanksgiving celebrations.

Aircraft in a snowstorm Aircraft in a snowstorm

But in the Midwest, the weekend got even more hectic because of terrible weather conditions. Jeff Colyer, the governor of Kansas has declared a state of disaster emergency. That allowed to use various state resources to help relieve the damages and effects of the snowstorm.

Low visibility and wind gusts as high as 55 miles per hour have forced planes to stay on the ground. Because of the storm, flights incoming to the Midwest have been either delayed or canceled altogether. Chicago O'Hare International Airport canceled over 600 flights. Midway International Airport, Chicago's second largest airport, had 120 flights canceled because of the snowstorm. Other airports had weather delays also. In New York, while the weather was not as bad, a lot of delays ensued. High holiday volumes also contributed to the many delayed flights. Boston Logan International Airport also felt the impact. Flights in other parts of the United States were also delayed. Airports such as Los Angeles, Pheonix, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and others had problems with schedule congestion. As a result of a record number of Americans traveling in the skies and the problematic Midwest weather, a lot of flights were delayed. On Monday morning the weather should clear up and flight procedures can resume again. Maine is expecting the storm to come to them. The state has already seen one of the snowiest Novembers' yet.