Thank You, Aviation.

Today, on the 7th of December, the whole world celebrates The International Civil Aviation Day. As aviation nowadays is embedded in our lives, we celebrate it for bringing us hope, broadening our minds and connecting us with the rest of the world. Thus, we would like to say thank you to everyone who helped aviation become what it is today.

Thank You, Gustave Weißkopf-Whitehead.

You were the first man to have built and flown a controlled and powered flight. As a result, you showed us that mankind can travel the air.

Thank You, Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright.

You built the first controlled, sustained and powered aircraft, the Wright Flyer. Because of you, we pusher our ambitions even further.

The Wright Flyer. The Wright Flyer.

Thank You, John Alcock and Arthur Brown.

You showed everyone that transatlantic flights were a possibility.

Thank You, Ferdinand von Zeppelin.

You made commercial transatlantic flights possible with your luxurious and amazing machines called airships.

A Zeppelin airship flying over New York. A Zeppelin airship flying over New York.

Thank You, William Edward Boeing.

You established one of the biggest aircraft manufacturing companies of today - the Boeing Company. Notably, you paved the way for commercial aviation to succeed.

Thank You, Frank Whittle.

You invented the turbojet engine. Aviation would not be what it is today without your engines that power the aircraft flying all over the world.

Thank You, Ronald Eric Bishop.

You designed the first commercial jet aircraft - de Havilland Comet. As a result of this, flying became a very comfortable and fast experience.

Thank You, Morien Morgan.

Because of you, Father of Concorde, we could fly supersonic.

Subsequently, Thank You, Concorde. You let us experience air travel like nothing else – the luxury, the speed, the sense of pride you brought to everyone who ever stepped on board or even saw you in a museum is hard to describe in words.

Concorde flying. Concorde flying.

Thank You, Roger Béteille, Felix Kracht, Henri Ziegler and Franz Josef Strauss.

You established Airbus. Consequently, all of you allowed the European aviation industry to advance by leaps and bounds.

Thank You to every airline out there.

No matter if you are big or small. Importantly, you bring us all together and let us discover something new after we step off the aircraft.

Thank You to every inventor, flight attendant, engineer, pilot, baggage handler, check-in agent, security guard. To every office worker, every marketer, every financial expert, every customer support specialist.

You are the cogs that run this machine. Hence, without you, there wouldn’t be anything or anyone to thank for.

Thank You to every airport.

You let us start realizing your dreams. Reconnecting with our families. Celebrating victories.

All in All, Thank You Aviation.

You let us explore. Connect and Reconnect. Travel and work. See the world differently. Learn new things and broaden our horizons. You lift us up physically and mentally, thus making everyone happier. Make us dream and believe in the craziest stories. Inspire us to dare.

And on December 7th remember to pay respects. To an industry that takes us higher. To everyone that has ever helped it become what it is today.