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AeroTime News cover the latest trends, events and up-to-date developments across the airline, aerospace and defense markets. With a team of experienced and rigorous professional journalists keeping a watchful eye on the pace of the aviation industry, the platform covers a wide range of topics with main focus on commercial aviation and the airline business, aircraft manufacturing and innovation, as well as military aviation.

The portal provides live coverage and reporting on the biggest events happening in the aerospace industry, from international air shows to AIR Convention, one of the biggest commercial aviation conferences with exclusive events, exhibition and conference that features high-level representatives of the industry.

Registered users can filter the news to create their own personalized feeds, share their opinion and subscribe to their favorite authors. The contributing author option allows readers to offer their original articles for publishing on the website.

AeroTime Team

Rūta Burbaitė

Journalist: Aviation Economics, Aviation Startups, Aerospace Developments, Aviation History

Experienced Journalist with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/aviation industry.

Skilled in Intercultural Communication, News Writing, Translation, Communication, and Headline Writing.

Interested in politics, economics and how these relations make planes fly.

Rūta Burbaitė

Clément Charpentreau

Journalist: Defense Aviation, Aviation Safety, Aviation & Politics

“With the plane, we learned to move in straight lines.” ‒ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Experienced Journalist, having proved his skills in newsrooms across France and Lithuania. Specialized in defense aviation, he also holds a particular interest in the role of the aviation industry in international relations.

Clément Charpentreau

Rytis Beresnevicius

Journalist: Aviation History, Civil Aviation, Aviation & Politics

A soul that found itself in aviation as a writer, Rytis always tries to explore stories and ask the most important question of them all – why?

Rytis Beresnevicius

Živilė Zalagėnaitė


Experienced journalist and occasional plane spotter, Živilė took up the role of AeroTime News Hub managing editor in 2018.

She is now leading a team of experienced journalists, keeps a finger on aviation pulse and is continuously working to make AeroTime the meeting point for aviation professionals and admirers.

Živilė Zalagėnaitė

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