Chris Greenwalt
Predictions and Developments for Aviation Industry in 2020

Aviation is also known as air transport. All the activities that are surrounded around the mechanical flight and aircraft industry come into aviation or air transport. The concept of aviation came in...

AeroTime Team
SouthEast Asia MRO talks closer collaboration for airlines & MRO

As MRO demand in Asia keeps booming, with Malaysian aftermarket alone generating about $1 billion in 2018, the industry analysis seems as important as ever. In the context of the longest profitability period ever in commercial aviation industry, MRO sector is looking pretty healthy, too....

Zivile Zalagenaite
Aviation sector is set to grow, but who’s going to work in it?

Aviation sector is projected to double in the upcoming 15 years, but the workforce is declining. The ICAO Secretary General addressed the issue in Novemeber 27, 2017 speech, urging to do “a much better job of both attracting and retaining the skilled workers and managers it requires”....