Maja Mandzikashvili

Biggest aircraft boneyards in the world

Any aircraft, whether it is a commercial airliner or military cargo plane has a limited lifespan. The retirement of the civil aircraft usually turns into a celebration before their final flight. But when the old machine's engines stop and cool down for the last time, what happens next?...

AeroTime Extra

Where Airplanes Go When They Die

Airplanes graveyard is a magnificent view as it is, but have you seen it from a bird’s eye? Aviation graveyards, also known as boneyards, are the places, where the airplanes go when they finish their service. In the graveyards they wait for their fate....

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Rest in Peace: Mojave Airport Boneyard

You have heard, of course, about aging elephants that wander off to die in a specific communal place, a kind of elephant graveyard. It’s sort of the same concept in south central Tucson, in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, where old airplanes instead of old pachyderms come to rest. Mojave is in the high desert. An airplane graveyard is not just a fence around airplane carcasses and piles of scrap metal. Rather, many millions of dollars wort...