Brian Foley
Three reasons why used business jet inventory will increase

For going on 10 years, the number of used business jets for sale on the market has been steadily declining. It reached the relatively tight inventory level of less than 9% of the fleet for sale in January 2019, a low not seen in the last 20 years. This is just half the level that was available in 2009 when nearly 1 in 5 business jets was for sale during the financial crisis as confidence cratered and owning a corporate jet vilified. It’s be...

Brian Foley
Business jet sales will remain relatively flat

Worldwide business jet deliveries have remained remarkably flat since 2011, averaging 692 units per year with a standard deviation of just 25 units.  “Statistically there’s a pretty good chance that 2017 results will also fall within that same narrow band, as will 2018”, predicts aviation analyst Brian Foley.  “This trend has not been random but rather a symphony of equal and opposite market forces holding delive...