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Qatar Airways Italian endeavor causes US airline industry panic

When Air Italy, the country’s second largest airline, announced early in December 2018, its plans to launch flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco, U.S. legacy carriers responded in outrage. What they see behind the small Italian carrier, formerly known as Meridiana, is the guiding hand of Qatar Airways, Air Italy’s current co-owner. Although Qatar has been investing into a range of foreign airlines for years now (most recently &min...

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Meridiana becomes Air Italy, aims to become new national carrier

On February 19, 2018, the Italian airline Meridiana merged with its subsidiary Air Italy, taking up a new name, a new hub and a new ambitious strategy. Under its new owners, the airline will seek to grow its fleet and passenger numbers fourfold by 2022, having a goal to replace Alitalia and become the country’s national carrier....

AeroTime Team

Farnborough 2016: Qatar Airways to buy 49% of Italy’s Meridiana

Qatar Airways will purchase 49% of Meridiana fly’s shares before October 2016....