Aviation Lover & Communication's Pro
My romance with aviation began a long while ago, probably even before I was able to pronounce the word ‘airplane’. Having a father, who has always been a relentless aviation enthusiast, meant spending time in a playground, which was exciting yet slightly unusual for kids like me at that time, an Air Force base. Of course, it came with all the pros and cons, but gaining the insight and the basic knowledge of the industry was inevitable. When in adulthood, I found myself away from aviation discovering a variety of other fields, where I was working as a marketing and sales professional. It was nice and interesting but felt that there was something missing. Communications has been with me since the early stages of the university life, therefore, after the journey of developing my career and discovering my passions, I realized that what I am invincible at is actually that. It did not take long for fate to bring me back to the roots showing the industry of my true calling, where I could fully implement my communications expertise, and that is, by all means, aviation. Besides being attractive, sometimes even to the point where it takes your breath away, aviation is challenging, but it would not be me if I did not admire the challenge. I am extremely grateful for such a remarkable path knowing that I am now exactly where I was meant to be – in a unique and diverse global industry that inspires me every day.
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