Groen Aeronautics Corporation (GAC), an aerospace company, announced that it has begun its first drone program: The Optionally Manned GAC ReconHawk Gyroplane Drone based upon GAC's advanced sustained autorotative flight technologies.

GAC received cash and commitments that are to finance taking the GAC ReconHawk Gyroplane Drone through to production.

By bringing the Gyroplane Platform to drones, Groen Aeronautics Corporation plans to commercialize its gyroplane technology for the Drone market.  GAC has begun the effort that will lead to the production of an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Drone with VTOL capability which will operate at lower cost, higher performance, greater reliability and mission readiness, and greater safety than other VTOL unmanned aircraft. 

GAC's initial production drone will be 'optionally manned' which means a human pilot can fly it to where it needs to be used, before it is sent off on its autonomous or remotely piloted mission. 

The company said this can be far more efficient than disassembling a drone aircraft, crating it, shipping it, uncrating it, reassembling it, inspecting it and test flying it to insure correct reassembly, and then sending it on its mission – all drones that are not optionally manned in this class, would have to go through this.

The company has produced some models of the gyroplanes such as the 4-to-5-seat Hawk Ranger prototype as seen in this video: