On the 6th of December 2016, the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has completed its review and approved Alaska Air Group's acquisition of Virgin America.

Alaska Air Group Chairman and CEO Brad Tilden said: "With this combination now cleared for take-off, we're thrilled to bring these two companies together and start delivering our low fares and great service to an even larger group of customers."

Alaska was not required to divest any assets as a condition of DOJ clearance.

A San Fransisco law firm has filed a lawsuit to stop the merger between Alaska Airlines and Virgin America. The merger, amounted USD 4 billion, is considered to weaken the competition in the civil aviation industry, triggering, amongst other, job cuts and higher ticket prices.

Alaska said that it agreed to implement limited changes to its codeshare agreement with American Airlines. The majority of Alaska and American codeshare flights will remain intact. The DOJ did not require changes to any other agreements between Alaska and American, including interline or reciprocal loyalty agreements, or any of Alaska's other airline partnerships.

The company plans to close the transaction in the very near future, taking into account the lawsuit filed by private plaintiffs in US District Court in San Francisco. Alaska considered that the lawsuits of this kind are not uncommon with mergers. The company said that the plaintiffs' claims are without merit and plans to defend its acquisition of Virgin America accordingly.

Virgin America unleashed one of its biggest deals of the year with a #TinyDogsTinyFares Cyber Monday offer of up to 30 percent off flights nationwide – with the airline donating $10 from every booking made on Virgin America's website to its animal shelter partners. The promotion last for 24 hours, 28th – 29th of November 2016.

Tilden added: "We remain confident in the merits of this transaction. The expanded West Coast presence and larger customer base create an enhanced platform for growth, which is good for investors, employees and especially customers – who benefit from more choices, increased competition and low fares."