Hamburg airport (HAM) reported that 16.22 million passengers used Hamburg Airport in 2016, a 3.9% increase year over year (YoY).  The airport also said that it was the first time there were more than 16 million passengers in one year in the history of the airport.

On 14th of October 2016, Hamburg Airport recorded another record for the highest passenger number in a single day in which around 65,000 passengers used the airport. It was the highest since the airport opened.

Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, said: “We welcomed more than 16 million passengers at Hamburg Airport for the first time this year. This shows that the demand for mobility continues to grow, not only in Hamburg and the whole of Northern Germany, but also in the metropolitan area.”

At the same time, aircraft movements, totaling around 160,650 in 2016, rose by around 1.4% YoY.

Because of announced warning strikes of security personnel at the airports Hamburg, Hannover and Stuttgart on Monday 09/02/2015, passengers can experience longer waiting times at security checkpoints, as well as air traffic restrictions. Around 200 flights have already been cancelled in three aforementioned German airports.

The airport said that the average number of passengers per flight in 2016 was 112.5, compared to an average of 109.7 in 2015. The average number of seats per flight increased from 144 to 147. Compared to 2015, the load factor on flights to and from Hamburg Airport rose by 0.6 points to 77.3%.

Regarding its 2017 outlook, Eggenschwiler said: “In 2017, we expect moderate passenger growth of a little over 3 percent again. We expect aircraft movements to remain at the previous year’s level. This shows, once again, that aviation is becoming more and more efficient. In 2017, too, Hamburg Airport will be emphasising the benefits of modern, efficient and quiet aircraft, a better load factor, optimal usage of existing capacities and objective dialog with our neighbours.”