The Air Transport Research Society released its Benchmarking Report, which aims to compare the airports according to factors such as productivity, efficiency, cost competitiveness, financial results, airport charges and unit costs. So here are the top airports that do the job well.

The latest Benchmarking Report (2017) reviews 206 airports and 24 airport groups in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, ranging in different passenger flows (from 861,982 passengers at Dunedin in New Zealand to 101 million at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, United States in 2015), amount of runways (with 40 airports having only one, while Chicago O'Hare International Airport has 8) and employee numbers (from 19 in Queenstown, New Zealand to 15.929 in Frankfurt, Germany).

The findings of the report reveal the most efficient airports in three major groups: Asia Pacific, Europe, North America. In Asia Pacific, the best of handling its tasks are Hong Kong, Jeju International and Guam. Hong Kong performs well despite taking care of over 40 million passengers annually at the same time, while Jeju and Guam deal with 10-40 million and less than 10 million passengers per year respectively. Sydney and Korea Airport Corporation are also worth the mention for being the best in Oceania (Sydney) and being the best airport group (Korea AC).

When it comes to Europe, the most efficient airports here are Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Athens (Greece) and Euro Airport (Switzerland). Amsterdam sees over 40 million passengers a year, Copenhagen – more than 25 million, Athens fall in between 10 million and 25 million and Euro Airport, exclusive as the Switzerland itself, sees less than 10 million passengers a year. Separate mention deserves Schiphol Airport Group, for being an efficient airport group.

Then in North America Vancouver International and Kahului airports stood as the most efficient among the 10 – 25 million passenger airports and in less than 10 million passengers groups respectively. A joint civil-military airport Minneapolis–Saint Paul (Minnesota, US) ranked as the most efficient among the airports that carry between 25 and 40 million passengers per year. Among the busiest – over 40 million passengers per year – airports there is a draw between Atlanta (Georgia, United States), and Charlotte (North Carolina, United States).