Qantas, the biggest Australian carrier, and Emirates, UAE flag carrier, have renegotiated their pre-existing partnership deal and extended it for five upcoming years. As part of the deal, Qantas has announced plans to re-route its daily Sydney-London A380 service via Singapore rather than Dubai and upgrade its existing daily Melbourne-Singapore flight from an A330 to an A380. 

The key change following the deal will see the airlines better leveraging each other’s networks, by providing three options to Europe – via Dubai, Perth and Singapore. Despite the fact, that the Asian stop of the Qantas Australia-UK route, also known as Kangaroo route, has been changed from Dubai to Singapore, Emirates applaud the partnership.

“Emirates has worked with Qantas on these network changes,” said Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline in a statement. “We see an opportunity to offer customers an even stronger product proposition for travel to Dubai, and onward connectivity to our extensive network in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We will announce updates in the coming weeks”.

“The first five years of the Qantas-Emirates alliance has been a great success,” said  Alan Joyce, Qantas Group CEO. “Emirates has given Qantas customers an unbeatable network into Europe that is still growing. We want to keep leveraging this strength and offer additional travel options on Qantas, particularly through Asia”.

Flights between Australia and Dubai will remain to be served by the 77 weekly services that Emirates operates from five cities – Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney – including seven daily A380 flights. Qantas passengers will still be able to fly on Emirates to Dubai, where they have access to connections on Emirates to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Since the beginning of Qantas-Emirates partnership in 2013 eight million passengers have travelled on the combined network.