Since the term of the incumbent Croatia Airlines CEO Kresimir Kucko ends on September 1, 2017, the Croatian authorities are expected to announce the new CEO. The choice is among four candidates, who have submitted applications for the position – including Kucko, according to the National weekly.

Besides Kucko, other applicants running for Croatia Airlines CEO position are Bosko Matkovic, the former GM of Zagreb Airport, Tonko Rilovic, head of the Croatian National Tourism Board, London, and two former Croatia Airlines employees: Josip Miloševic and Jasmin Bajic, according to the local media.

Kresimir Kucko was elected Croatia Airlines President and Chief Executive Officer in September, 2012. He joined the company in 1992, six months after the first international flight of Croatia Airlines. Prior his appointment to CEO, Kucko served as the Sales Manager, managed Representative Office in Switzerland, Regional Manager Benelux. Mr. Kucko attended the Faculty of Economics at the University of Zagreb in Croatia and graduated in 1991, with a degree in International Exchange.