The Indian aviation regulation authority Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued an order for the airlines not to stall on the runway. From now on, the aircraft must take off the runway within 5 minutes from the time ATC issues a clearance. If it doesn’t,  it has to go to the end of the queue to wait for the next available departure slot.

The newly issued ruling aims to mitigate flight delays in major Indian airports that already operate at maximum capacity.

“Approval for push back and start up shall be valid for five minutes only. Aircraft not adhering to pushback clearance will go back in the sequence. Subsequent clearance will be given based on available slot,” states DGCA, as an “aircraft shall complete all pre-departure checks and cabin procedures prior to entering the runway and start rolling as soon take-off clearance is issued by ATC”.

The airlines that do not obey the new rules are at risk of losing their slots at the airports. Airlines not adhering to the approved time slots shall be liable to lose the historicity in the next schedule except in the case of scheduled flights subjected to flow measures during the capacity constrained period.

Reuters reported back in February 2017 that Indian airports are running out of their capacity limits, as the country’s TOP 40 airports are projected to exceed their capacity within a decade as both the market (with over 100 million passengers in 2016) and, subsequently, its major airlines (take IndiGo or Spice Jet that are growing at the rate of 20% per year for example) grow at the rapid speed. 

To keep up with this upsurge is not an easy task, especially when the delay rates reach at as high as 49% from Delhi airport this January, 2017 as FirstPost reports.