The US confirmed that it would sanction various Russian companies in defense and intelligence industry, including Sukhoi Aviation, over the alleged Russian military incursion into Ukraine.

The Sanctions Act, and its Section 231 in particular, mandates “the administration specify those persons or entities that are part of or operating for or on behalf of the defense or intelligence sectors of the Government of the Russian Federation”, senior State Department official explained during the teleconference call, adding that the sanctions are targeted at all companies “which could include the sale of advanced Russian weaponry around the world”.

The purpose of the latest sanctions is “to use Section 231 of the act to respond to Russia’s malign behavior with respect to the crisis in eastern Ukraine, cyber intrusions and attacks, and human rights abuses”. Among the companies that would face sanctioning are listed Russian Aircraft Corporation, Almaz-Antey Air and Space Defense Corporation, United Aircraft Corporation and Sukhoi Aviation.

The Sanctions Act was adopted by the US Congress on July 28, 2017 and signed by the President on August 2, 2017. According to Bloomberg, the sanctioning announcement is also related to the US election in 2016 “meddling” scandal, providing the ability for US lawmakers to sanction Russia over its actions in the scandal.