After just a few months since the last walkout, air traffic controllers (ATC) in Italy agreed on yet another strike on May 8, 2018. Flight cancellations and delays will sweep across majority of country’s airports.

Flights with a departure time between 10:00 to 18:00 will be affected – passengers travelling should be expecting extended check-in procedures, longer ques, as well as slower than usual security checks in addition to the pre-planned wait for the flight itself. 

Moreover, Europeans travelling through Pisa (PSA), Milano Malpsena (MXP), Milano Linate (LIN), Florence (FLR) and Ancona-Marche (AOI) International Airports will also encounter ground handling disruptions due to employees organizing yet another walkout on the same day.

“Every traveler that faces issues due to strikes in Italy should be aware of its rights and don’t ever forget to demand what rightfully belongs to them in case of disruptions like these. Even though airlines are not obliged to pay out monetary compensations, travelers that wait for their flight longer than 2 hours must be provided with food, water and ability to make a phone call. While those that must stay overnight to catch their flight, should be provided with accommodation,” shares Marius Stonkus, the CEO of flight compensation company Skycop.

The EU law that outlines responsibilities for flight disruptions across the continent, does not hold airlines accountable for staff walkouts, preventing passengers from getting up to €600 flight compensations.

“Observing situation in Europe this year, it is clear that the number of staff strikes are increasing year-on-year. Despite the worsening situation for the travelers, it seems like airlines don’t care to act on any change whatsoever,” comments M. Stonkus. “It’s sad to see so much ignorance when people across Europe are suffering. At least recently EU court ruled in favour to compensating unplanned strikes, meaning, if this strike continues longer than 8th of May, airlines will have to compensate the trouble.”

European Commission’s regulation no. 261 obliges airlines to pay out flight compensations ranging from €250 to €600 if the flight has been delayed for over 3 hours, cancelled 14 days prior the departure, as well as overbooked. The law does not cover pre-planned and agreed-upon walkouts.