The upcoming Pilot Career Show is inviting pilots and cadets to meet leading airlines and pilot schools to get career advice, share experiences and ultimately land a dream job. Not sure what this might be? AeroTime talked with China Airlines to find out what does it mean to be a pilot with them.

What does it mean to be a pilot at China Airlines?

Being a pilot at China Airlines is about enjoying a well-balanced combination between your life and work.

What are the main values guiding China Airlines work ethic?

The guidelines for employees of China Airlines are integrity and professionalism.  They are the foundation of positive communication and seamless cooperation.

What are the main benefits of working at China Airlines?

Taiwan have nurtured one of the most matured democratic environment in the region, you’ll be surprised by the safe and free life you are exposed to. The convenience and friendliness of living in Taiwan would certainly change your perspective about East Asia. While lodging in Taipei, the biggest city of Taiwan and the main hub of China Airlines, the reasonable pace and cost of living for a metropolitan of its size, life is made much easier and you can have all the conveniences right around the corner.

Most of your need at work will be taken care of by the company: pickup service for flight duties, uniform laundry, in-flight meals, etc.  You and your immediate family members (parents, spouse and children) will also enjoy the leisure travel benefits as much as you do, it will be a great timing to explore different parts of the world. It’s an opportunity to treat you and your family to a relaxed vacation thanks to the stable and reasonable schedule. Also, the national health insurance in Taiwan provides you the all-around coverage for your daily medical need in Taiwan at extremely reasonable price.

What is the attitude you expect from your employees?

China Airlines expects all employees to spare no effort to achieve highest level of safety.  It’s the commitment that we made to all our customers and shareholders.

In three words, how would you describe the work environment at China Airlines?

Friendly, reciprocal and harmonious are the crucial traits of China Airlines work environment. Building a harmonious workplace is a share responsibility of everyone.  Friendly and reciprocal not only describes the interaction between the employees, it’s also about the caring from the management to motivate all the staffs to willingly make extra effort toward a better result.

Interested in career at China Airlines? Meet them at the Pilot Career Show in Amsterdam on May 10th, 2018. Aiming to provide current and aspiring aviators with the opportunity to meet their peers, share career advice, experiences and to learn the dos and don’ts of building a career in aviation, the event is expecting over 300 attendees and 12 hiring aviation companies. For more information and entrance pass please visit .