UAC, the manufacturer of Russian narrow-body airliner MC-21, has moved a fuselage of yet another test aircraft to Ramenskoye airfield (Zhukovsky). Once the MC-21-300 airframe is assembled and loading system installed, the aircraft will begin endurance tests.

The aircraft in question the third of four MC-21 prototypes. The first two aircraft are already undergoing testing, while the fourth one is still at the fuselage assembly stage. However, the company claims it is already assembling fuselage for its commercial clients.

The third prototype aircraft is to begin flight tests in March 2019, followed by the fourth – and final – test aircraft in mid-2019s, according to Russian Aviation Insider. The MC-21-300 was initially scheduled to enter service in 2019, but as certification programme is to last well into the year, it is now scheduled for 2020, the Russian media reported in November 2018