1,000 ‘Legonauts’ travel near edge of space on stratospheric balloons: video 

LEGO / Kreativ Gang

Lego joined forces with Czech-Slovak space experts to launch 1,000 minifigures on a journey to the edge of space on board stratospheric balloons. 

The “Legonauts,” seated in a roofless 3D-printed space shuttle, were launched on three separate balloons, each carrying around 330 figures. The balloons propelled the figurines to an altitude of 34 kilometers (about 21.13 miles) withstanding temperatures of -70°C before bursting. The tiny astronauts returned safely to Earth on specially designed landing platforms resembling mini space shuttles​. 

A survey conducted by Lego 2019 revealed that around 90% of children still considered astronauts to be their favorite profession. Not only can this expedition be considered an innovative marketing campaign, but it is also a testament to the increasing accessibility and interest in space exploration.  

“We want to show children that their dreams can reach beyond the boundaries of space,” stated Iva Ambrožová, marketing director of Lego in the Czech Republic. “The Lego brand aims to inspire small builders and support them on their way to realize everything that is possible.”  

LEGO / Kreativ Gang

The team of space engineers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, led by space architect Tomas Rousek, had to ensure none of the astronauts fell off the open-air shuttle during the platform’s descent. During the free fall stage, the Lego astronauts experienced speeds of up to 300 km/h, making it a significant challenge to keep them secure.  

Additionally, the weight of the entire platform, including the figurines, had to be kept under 2.7 kilograms for the balloons to lift off. The space shuttle was created using lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, 3D-printed stainless steel, and plastic. 

The successful mission was documented using two cameras: one monitoring the crew compartment and the other providing a view from the front of the platform.  

As a bonus, the biggest Lego enthusiasts now stand a chance to win one of these brave “Legonauts” in a special prize draw. 

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