A380 vs. landing in heavy winds [Video]


On January 6, 2019, flagsnug.com released a video showing how several pilots of different types of aircraft dealt with heavy winds at one of UK’s airports.

The video was allegedly shot at Birmingham airport (BHX). While smaller aircraft, such as Flybe Embraer and EasyJet Airbus, as seen in the video, abandoned the landing and diverted, Emirates A380 pilots decided to try out their skills and aircraft capabilities.

Back in 2006, while the superjumbo was still undergoing testing, 23 knots (42 km/h) crosswind testing was a minimum requirement for its Type Certification. Instead of doing just that, Airbus tested the airliner-in-the-making in above 40 knots (74 km/h), up to 56 knots (104 km/h) crosswind conditions.

A380 was the first Airbus aircraft tested in such conditions, the manufacturer proclaimed back then, adding that once in service, the superjumbo would be “able to operate easily with very strong crosswinds during normal operations”. So it seems that it was right.

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