5 amazing airports to be in when your flight gets disrupted

It is certainly not a lot of fun to hear that your flight just got delayed or cancelled. Every tenth traveler in EU has experienced flight disruptions – and those amount to €3 billion in debt that airlines owe to the passengers. However, not all involuntary airport stays are equally horrible. That’s why we collected a list of 5 best airports from around the globe to get stranded it.

The specialists from Skycop – the flight delay compensation company – have carefully selected five airports that have much to offer to even the fussiest of delayed travelers.

  1. Munich International Airport

While we do not encourage drinking to wash away the delay blues, Munich Internetional Airport is the best airport to grab a responsible pint at. There’s a Bavarian-style beer inn and brewery that’s easy to find – it’s ready quench your thirst 24/7. Not a fan of beer? When why not check out the amazing architectural solutions of the super-modern Terminal 2? You can also get a birds-eye view of the airport operations (perfect selfie background) or even check out historic planes!

  1. Vancouver International Airport

The nature is breathtaking in Canada, and you won’t miss out on it if your flight gets delayed at the Vancouver International Airport. The building features ground-to-ceiling windows that offer an amazing view of the ocean, mountains and fields. And with four SPAs operating on the premises and a massive aquarium housing 31 000 fish, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you landed at a resort rather than an airport.

  1. London Heathrow International Airport

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world – and it also offers a great variety of activities to keep you busy while you wait. Stores from over 50 most well-known brands will delight the fashionistas while an exposition of British sculptors, painters and photographers will be a treat to art lovers. But that’s not all: an upcoming influx of over €40 million in investment is bound to make the place even more exciting!

  1. Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is built on an island and serves as a great example of Asian precision. The place runs like clockwork and provides a lot of entertaining activities. IMAX cinema, simulation golf courses, aviation expo – whatever your taste is, Hong Kong International is ready to match it.

  1. Changi International Airport

Without a doubt, Skycop left the best for last. Chiangi International airport is the most fun place to face a delayed or canceled flight. The airport hub contains 350 stores, a movie theatre, five gardens (one of which includes 1000 live butterflies), a 27-foot waterfall, a roof-top swimming pool, and more! Sounds more like a holiday destination by itself rather than a delay, right?

As an added bonus, you can probably get a compensation if you get stranded or delayed at one of these airports. Fill in the refund claim at www.skycop.com, sit back and relax – you’re probably entitled to a compensation of up to €600.

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