BREAKING| Hijacking drama on Biman Bangladesh flight

Shadman Samee

On February 24, 2019, Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight en route to Dubai has allegedly endured a hijacking attempt, making an emergency landing at Shah Amanat International Airport (CGP) in Chuttong, Bangladesh.

The flight took off from Dhaka and was en route to Dubai. Local media reports indicate that shots have been fired. After the emergency landing, passengers have been evacuated, while crew members and alleged hijacker are still onboard.


Bangladesh media reports that all passengers and crew were evacuated safety. The hijacker was arrested by the country’s special forces, but later died

The incident took place on Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight BG-147. Sometime into the flight, a 25-26 year old man took off from a passenger seat and approached a crew member. The suspected hijacker has allegedly told the crew member that he has a gun and a bomb, and demanded to allowed to the cockpit, threatening to bomb the plane otherwise. After landing at CGP, the aircraft was surrounded by country’s law enforcement and passengers were evacuated via overwing exits. 

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