Thai Airways diverts all European routes through China

Thai Airways has apologized passengers for cancelling all its European flights after Pakistan closed its airspace closure amid rising tensions with India. The airline claims all flights have now been reinstated as it got a permit to fly over China airspace.

The airline also will not be making a stopover in Karachi on flights between Bangkok and Muscat and cancelled flights between Bangkok and Lahore on February 28.

“International Public Company Limited (THAI) would like to apologize to all its passengers for any inconvenience caused as a result of sudden closure of Pakistani airspace due to rising tension between Pakistan and India situation,” the company’s notice on February 28 read. “THAI is pleased to announce that normal flight operations to Europe is now resumed through airspace outside Pakistan’s”.

While Thai Airways used the most drastic measure of waiving off all flights to/from Europe, other airlines were also forced to cancel and divert flights.

Singapore airlines introduced stops in Dubai and Mumbai for refueling, on their Europe-bound Singapore-London, Singapore-Frankfurt routes.

On February 28, Air Canada (ADH2) is also warning passengers to New Delhi and Mumbai that they “ may be impacted by airspace closures due to political activity”.

Emirates and Qatar Airways canceled all flights to/from Pakistan, with Qatar also warning customers that “flights to other destinations close to this region may experience delays as they divert around the closed airspace”.

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