British Airways resurrects more historic aircraft liveries

British Airways

British Airways is celebrating centenary with a series of heritage liveries. Since February 2019, BA is rolling out aircraft painted in distinct designs of airlines no longer in existence, but firmly in its own DNA. Take a look.

Although the oldest still operating airline in the world is considered to be the Dutch KLM, turning 100 this year, many modern airlines can trace their roots a century back. British Airways is no exception, tracing its history to an “ancestor” Aircraft Transport and Travel airline, which began operations on August 25, 1919.

Boeing 747 in BOAC livery

British Airways introduced the first purposely-repainted airliner last month. It is a Boeing 747 painted in the livery of British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC), which was  formed by the country’s government in 1939. The aircraft is painted in style used between 1964 and 1974. It began service on February 19, 2019 and will remain in these colours until retirement in 2023.

Airbus A319 in BEA livery

On March 4, 2019, another BA’s aircraft in historic livery began service. This time it is an Airbus A319, registration G-EUPJ. It is painted in BEA livery, which flew predominantly on domestic and European routes between 1959 and 1968.

Because of the current wing paint reflectivity requirements, the livery of A319 is not exactly the one that BEA used, though. Instead of red upper wing it has a grey one. The aircraft is going to be flown on routes across the UK and Europe, with the design remaining until the aircraft retires next year.

Boeing 747 to follow

It is already known how the following historic design will look like. Yet another Boeing 747 (G-BNLY) is already being painted in British Airways fleet design from 1984-1997.

The Landor design includes the British Airways coat of arms with the motto “To Fly. To Serve.” on the tail fin, with a stylised section of the Union Flag. The aircraft itself will be re-named ‘City of Swansea’, as this is the name the aircraft had when it originally flew in Landor livery.

It will enter service later in March 2019 flying to long-haul destinations, with the design remaining on the aircraft until it retires in 2023.

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