NASA WB-57 overshoots runway [Video]

NASA/James Blair

NASA’s research WB-57 aircraft overran the runway at Ellington Field, landing on a grass. Pilots were not injured during the incident.

The WB-57 went off the runway during takeoff at Ellington Field around noon on March 5, 2019. There were two crew members onboard, both of them got out safely and were not injured, Kelly O. Humphries, NASA Johnson Space Center News Chief, confirmed to AeroTime.

“The aircraft has been shut down and is being moved into its hangar to examine for possible damage,” according to Humphries.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

NASA uses highly modified Martin WB-57 F Jet Bombers primarily for scientific work. The two engine, tandem, two-seat research aircraft used to carry payloads to altitudes 12 miles above the Earth. The WB-57 can fly above 60,000 feet at speeds around 470 miles per hour.

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